Results Focused, Not Product Focused

We have all seen how the financial press has a propensity to indulge in whatever the main theme of the day is. Financial service companies are quick to pick-up on this free publicity and are often ready to go with new products or strategies that cater to whatever is en vogue . We have seen it before – gold strategies in the 80’s, dot com stocks in the 90's, mortgage back securities in the naughts, and income strategies today.

Investment strategies built on demand are enticing, but they don't last. Investing to us is like a healthy diet, it takes discipline to stay on track and not fall prey to what tastes good. We at Ariadne Wealth Management deliver data-driven, disciplined investment advice that is designed to meet your needs. We DO NOT create financial products solely based on today's trends; en vogue investing will never be our niche.